Sunday, August 2, 2009

Do you rinse with salt water before or after brushing your teeth?

I just got my wisdom teeth pulled three days ago and the post operative home care instructions I received does not say anything about brushing my teeth. I have just been rinsing with salt water but my breath really started to stink and I have braces so I had to start brushing as best as I could. Should I rinse with salt water before or after I brush? I hate the salt water taste and feel like it makes my breath stink horribly.

Do you rinse with salt water before or after brushing your teeth?
How does the area seem to be healing? Are you having any pain or discomfort? Are there any other symptoms along with the bad breath? The salt water is used to sooth the area. It has been three days so if the area does not feel irritated I would stop the salt water rinse. If you feel you still need the salt water it is up to your preferance whether you use it before or after brushing. Good luck!
Reply:Yuk, you need to get with the toothbrush ASAP you're not going to hurt anything unless you brush the extraction areas. The salt water is to help keep those sutures clean and help healing so I would do it after you brush. If you have a problem with the smell then it's OK to use a mouthwash, just don't rinse or spit to vigorously or you'll likely pull out a blood clot. Hope this helps.

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