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Diseases caused by not brushing your teeth?

MY step-dad is 46 years old and hasn't brushed his teeth in 35 years,out of pure laziness and it's disgusting. His teeth are pretty much rotted out of his mouth, I have a newborn, and I was wondering what if any, diseases are caused by not brushing your teeth? I know heart disease, but I don't really like him being around my son because of how dirty is mouth must be from this. Anyone know any good "tips"/advice about whats lurking around in his mouth that all of my family should watch out for? Thanks

Diseases caused by not brushing your teeth?
Actually Lippylou IS correct. Bacteria can be transferred from person to person (including from you to the baby), so I would advise that you don't let Dad kiss the baby on the mouth. Otherwise the effects of poor oral health will only effect him, such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other diseases that are commonly seen in association like diabetes and heart disease.

JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
Reply:Biggest concern should be periodontal disease, this is an infection under the gum line and can be transfered to others when sharing cups, straws, kissing, etc. but as long as dad does not kiss baby on the lips baby will be fine. This disease causes bone loss as well and the end result if he doesn't do anything about it will be loss of his teeth. and your right this infection is lurking in his blood stream and can cause problems like diabetes heart disease stroke heartatche etc.
Reply:Can i just say ignore what lippylou1994 just said!!!!!!

Your step dad will have periodontal disease/gum disease but you CANNOT CATCH this from other people. His mouth will be really dirty and it will affect his health but no one elses. If you dont like him being around your newborn, tell him until he gets his teeth fixed to stay away with his mouth and maybe this will help him too. :)

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