Friday, July 31, 2009

Should I drink coffee before or after brushing my teeth?

I recently saw a commercial saying that if you brush your teeth after drinking coffee, you may be brushing away your enamel because of the slightly acidic nature of coffee. Yet, brushing before drinking coffee seems like I'm cleaning my teeth only to give the coffee a better chance of staining? What's best overall for teeth health, brushing before or after drinking coffee/acidic beverage?

Should I drink coffee before or after brushing my teeth?
If you are worried about the acids, you can always rinse with baking soda, which will neutralize ANY kind of acid in your mouth. I'm serious.... I was sick for a long time and a doctor told me that when I threw up, instead of brushing my teeth right away, I should mix water and baking soda and rinse with that. To neutralize the acids.....

Coffee, however is not very acidic. And what are commercials made to do?? Entice or even intimidate people into buying a product.

But if you're still worried about it, rinse with baking soda to neutralize or maybe buy a paste with baking soda in it?

Reply:i do not know but i notice after people drink it their teeth are gross!!

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